Monday, October 26- Friday, October 30 

A special summit for busy women to refresh their hearts, minds, and bodies in the midst of trying times.


It's time you took a breather.

Let's face it—2020 hasn't panned out the way you expected. Trying to meet the demand of work and/ or children has women feeling overwhelmed, and a recent poll by McKinsey reveals that 1 in 4 women are reconsidering their jobs because the expectations to balance everything is simply too much.

You are not alone.

You know you need to hit "pause" to take care of yourself, but it's hard to find the time to slow down.

That's where we come in.

During this event, you'll hear from more than 15 speakers whose goal is to not only inspire you, but to equip you with tangible tips for refreshing your heart, mind, beauty, and body.


Martha VanCamp
FOUNDER & CEO, beMarthaFit
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Martha is a certified Master Wellness and Weight Loss coach, speaker, and founder of the beMarthaFit program. She'll close the summit by teaching women how to properly fuel themselves to have the energy that 2020 is demanding of them. Martha will also speak to ways women often mask their true needs by over-serving others, sharing ways to break out of the cycle.


Pam Sherman

RaQuel Hopkins

Eleasha Steele

Dr. Madalyn Turner

Dara Fischetti

Anastasia Turchetta

Bevin Mugford

Paula Stone

Vanessa Charles

Vicki Pate 

Aniesa Hanson

Anissa Horne

Yamel Belen

How to Attend

It is completely FREE to attend this summit.

Registration closes on October 23 at 6pm, so be sure to complete our two-step registration process NOW.

Step 1: Log-in to Facebook.

Step 2: Join the private summit group.

Step 3: Answer the registration questions.

Step 4: Tune in for each speaker on every day of the summit. You'll also be able to interact with them during their presentations, so bring your questions!


Q: Why is the event hosted on Facebook?

A: Our goal is to not only inspire you for a week, but to provide you with ongoing support and true community. By joining the group, you'll receive the hands-on support you need long after the summit is closed.

Q: Is the summit really free?

A: Yep. Because we believe you shouldn't have to pay to learn how to take care of yourself as we roll into 2021.




On the first day of our summit, certified coaches will address ways we can rethink success and mentally cope with the demands of work-life balance during the pandemic.
Attendees can expect both inspirational and actionable content.
Day two will center around the ways we cope with the stress of increasing life demands. Experts in in the mental health space will show us how to manage anxiety and uncertainty. Women will also learn how to maintain social connections during a time when we feel more disconnected than ever before.
Day three will focus on the spirit. Various experts will speak to ways to experience more connection to something greater than ourselves in an effort to achieve peace and perspective.
Attendees can expect to learn how to recenter themselves by tapping into social and spiritual connections.
The fourth day of the summit will equip women with tips to feel more beautiful during a time when we have become too distracted with the demands of daily life to care for ourselves. This day will provide tips for feeling sexy and feminine with actionable tips to beautify both the inside and outside to feel our very best.
The summit will close with a focus on our physical. Attendees will learn how to better fuel themselves with more mindful eating, as well as learn ways to feel their best.
The summit will close with a costume-themed happy hour, and giveaway winners will be announced.
*A program outlining specific designated speaker dates and times will be released on Friday, October 16 



The 2020 Refresh Virtual Summit is a five-day event designed to help women recharge during the midst of the pandemic. More than 15 speakers will address the emotional, spiritual, and physical needs that women need to tend to during a time when the world is demanding so much from them.

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